One of the world's leading total solution providers of leak testing and detection

Custom Engineered Solutions

We utilize all the available technologies within leak detection and testing, as well as proof testing

We have excellent know-how of all measurement methods (i.e. pressure measurement, flow measurement and gas/ helium measurement). Conventional pressure and flow measurement methods are offered for most applications. However, if technical conditions or stringent requirements need to be met, the helium method is used.

With 50 years of experience, Nolek has become the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-built machines for leak testing, leak detection and proof testing.


Nolek was founded in 1973 with its headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Today, Nolek has subsidiaries in Malaysia, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands and China. Nolek has production facilities in both Sweden and Malaysia.

Locations and contact info for our subsidiaries can be found here.


Extensive experience for more than 50 years.

Supplier of all existing leak test methods.

In-house mechanical, electrical, software and measuring system design.

Own software development department - developing software specifically for production systems like leak testing machines.

Turn key solutions.


Nolek is a worldwide leading total solution provider of leak testing, leak detection, helium charging and recovery, as well as non-destructive test equipment.

Nolek possesses unique knowledge on the topic of leak testing, and provides total solutions for all existing measurement methods.

We are a front runner in the development and application of leak detection technology, including a big range of data handling systems that are used for optimizing and analyzing all of the processes.

Nolek can deliver solutions from small fixtures to complete and big machnes with data handling software included in the solution. Fixures, instruments, manual machines, automated machines, control software, data handling software - all of this can be ordered separately or as a total solution.


Nolek strives to become a long-term partner to our customers.

We assist our customers in product development to ensure that the products meet their specific leak testing requirements.

We have our own leak test center which is equipped with the most advanced leak test equipment

At our test center in Kolding, you will find the most advanced leak test equipment on the market. In our test center, we also have our own workshop for repairing and servicing customers' equipment.


Heat-Ventilation-Aircondition-Control industry.

The components in this industry ar eoften leak tested during production - some with air testing and others with tracer gas, such as Helium.

The automotive industry has many components installed that need to be liquid, gas or air proof. Nolek has through many years helped customers in this industry find the right leak testing solution for them.

Products in the pharmaceutical industry often have higher requirements for testing and documentation levels. The strict requirements also mean that products have to be right from both the inside-out and outside-in.

Other industries include the military, electronics, food & beverages, connectors, and many more.

Download our company presentation and detailed descriptions of our leak testing instruments

Some information is easier to take with you for reading elsewhere.

Here you can download our company presentation, detailed descriptions of our leak test instruments, tailored systems for leak testing for a range of industries, and also information on our software for production companies, which is designed and produced by Nolek.

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