Cars and trucks have a lot of installed components that need to be tight for water and different types of refrigerant gases.

Depending on the use and placement of the final products, the allowed leak can be defined. Over the past several years, Nolek has helped a lot of manufacturers of automotive components find the correct level to test their components at.


The Automotive industry has many components installed that need to be liquid, gas or air tight. Nolek has through many years helped customers in this industry find the right leak testing solution for them.

Components in this industry

The range of products and leak rates vary a lot from watertight and tightness for refrigerant gases. Some of the products are also classified as IP class, meaning they have requirements for water and dust tightness, and they need to be tested within that range.



Electric boxes

Cooling systems

Brake system

Casted parts

Transmissions/gear boxes

Exhaust pipes

Fuel pipes, fuel pumps, fuel injectors

Oil pumps

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