Tailor-made machines specifically designed and produced by Nolek to meet our customer's need for leak testing.

From the prototype phase of the product, Nolek works closely together with the customer to find the right testing method for leak testing their product. Based on the product and the leak rates set by the customer, Nolek designs and produces machines to match the customer's specific needs.


Nolek designs and produces tailor-made machines to meet the individual customer’s need for leak testing.



-1 to 1000 bar

Leak rates air

5 mm³/s to 700 mm³/s

Leak rates trace gas

1 x 10-1 to 1 x 10-10 mbar.l/s

Trace gas

Helium and Hydrogen

Features & Benefits

In-house construction and knowledge

High experience with leak test of many types of products

Knowledge about all known leak test methods

Knowledge about leak test, using both air and trace gases, like Helium and Hydrogen

Knowledge about both low and high pressure

Partnership mentality

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