Service Contracts

The Service contact is an agreement between the customer and Nolek that Nolek takes care of all annual service, calibration and preventiive maintenance on the equipment/machines defined in the contract. Typically, this will be Nolek equipment sold to the customer.

The benefits of the contract is that the customer is sure that their equipment and/or machines are maintained, serviced and calibrated at a regular interval to prevent wearing of parts and possible production stops as a result of wearing and tearing.

Nolek's technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and know what to look for when inspecting the equipment/machines for problems that may affect the performance.

Nolek A/S only offers service contracts for Danish companies or companies located in Denmark.

Service Contracts

A service contract with our customers means that Nolek each year performs preventive maintenance on critial leak testing equipment and machines.


Assessment of equipment/machine

Physical condition

Environmental conditions

Change of wear parts





Equipment/machine is calibrated to ensure correct measurement


Service report

Calibration report

Features & Benefits

Assessment of equipment's condition

Change of wear parts

Equipment/machine is regularly calibrated

More fluid production flow

Service and calibration reports as documentation

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