Helium Recovery System

Companies that use large amounts of helium can save substantially by recovering up to 98% of their lost helium with a Helium Recovery System. The system collects helium from the test part, where it is first pumped into a low-pressure holding tank. The helium then flows through a compressor and is stored in a high-pressure supply tank, which enables the charging station to use helium in the subsequent part's testing.

Nolek's unique helium recovery systems are designed for any type of application independent on size and capacity. An integrated filtering system and helium concentration monitor ensure reliable and consistent results of helium purity and concentration during charging.

Helium Recovery System

The Helium Recovery System allows you to reuse up to 98% of the helium that has been lost during leak testing with helium.


Max pressure

A) up to 30 bar

B) up to 40 bar

Flexible Reservior

1800 Liter

He concentration Sensor

0 - 100% VOL

He Recovery rate

Up to 98% recovery

Compressor Capacity

A) 14 m³/h

B) 33 m³/h

Noise level

75-80 db

Vacuum Pump (Optional)

Vacuum Reservior (Optional)

Brand Leybold / Pfeiffer

230 Liter


3 stage filter

Air supply

5,5 - 6 bar

Power supply

400v, 3-phase, 50hz


L 2,8m x W 1,3m x 2,4m

Recommended distance to machine

Approx. 20 meter

Features & Benefits

Cost reducing

Up to 98% recovery rate

Helium concentration monitoring

Multiple machine connect possible

HMI touch screen

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