Our standard air leak test instruments are made based on many years of experience in this field. There is a range of instrument configurations when it comes to pressure, measurement type and leak rates. The big range of instruments and configurations make it possible to always find a solution with one of the Nolek standard instruments.

Our standard flow meter, CalibrateIT C9, can be used to calibrate and verify the correct settings of the instruments.

4 Products

PressurizeIT S11
Simple, reliable and powerful leak test instrument, good for detecting small leaks.
PressurizeIT S9
The S9 is a superior leak test instrument available for different working pressures, from vacuum pressure to 15 bar.
Leak test instrument with color display, touch control and real time display of the measurement sequence and active graphs and schemas.
CalibrateIT C9
User-friendly calibration unit for calibration of leak test instruments.