mosCura is a web-based platform with flexible production modules, designed to help you control and log production data. mosCura collects data from the production equipment and stores it in a database, where you can access it from any device through the internet.

mosCura is configurable for single access or multiple user access to the same data.

mosCura helps you administrate your production data. It is flexible and can handle a vast array of production equipment at the same time. The information stored from production can be analyzed and viewed in diagrams.






Database system

Min. SQL Server 2012

MS Internet Information Service (IIS)

Min. Version 7.0

Features & Benefits

Data security


Validation of values

Easy data access

Statistics lookup

Data analysis

Multi language

Configuration examples:

One mosCura, Several Systems

One mosCura installation handles several machines, factories and countries.

mosCura Repair Station

Scan serial number and get actual object status. After repair, type where and how the repair was made.

mosCura, Tools To Use

Give the operator information about which tools to use for the next product.

mosCura, Preventive Maintenance

Set different levels in mosCura and the operator will get warnings before the machine breaks down.

mosCura, Live Dashboard

See the state of a complete production area. Each machine has a state: stopped, producing parts, missing, etc. Graph showing actual values.

Configuration overview

Introduction Movie


All running/testing parameters to the machine.

Changes in the recipe will be stored, meaning that there is full traceability on all changes: Who, when and what was changed.

Configurable data structure in the data.

Validation of min/max values.

Reason for modification and full traceability of changes in data.


Many types of data can be stored in the result. The recommended structure looks like the description below.

Machine parameters:

  • Operator.
  • Total cycle time.
  • OK/NOK.
  • Error code.

Test parameters:

  • Cycle time.
  • OK/NOK.
  • Error code.
  • Test values.


See the state of a complete production area. Each machine has a state: Stopped, producing, parts missing, etc.

Graph shows actual values.


It is possible to create user specific reports, directly in mosCura.

Reports can be used to make certificates for tested products and also deeper analysis of how the system is running in general.

An analysis report of a production could include PPM "Parts Per Million" or Count of Error Code - both can be used to analyze how a product performs.

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