Nolek Academy

Nolek offers customers training in leak testing - both how to use our standard instruments and software, but also about leak testing principles in general. Our highly experienced employees make sure that you and your team get the best knowledge possible to successfully apply leak testing in your production.

The training can be either on the customer's site or at Nolek in Kolding, depending on number of participants and practicality.

Nolek Academy

Nolek offers our customers training in leak testing to help ensure that they have the knowledge and know-how to use leak testing in their production.


Air Leak Testing

Fundamentals in Air Leak Testing

Standard Instruments

S9, S11, deFlux and C9

Tracer Gas Leak Testing

Fundamentals in Leak Testing with tracer gas, like Helium and Hydrogen

Nolek specific system

Focus on specific systems, both Air as well as tracer gas testers

Nolek standard software

General understanding and:

  • mosCura: How to analyze data
  • mosCura Guide: How to create guides
  • DataConnectIT: How to use it
  • TestIT: How to make programs in it

Features & Benefits

Leak test generel principles

Application of leak test methods

Expert knowledge-sharing

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