The HVAC, Automotive and Pharmaceutical industries are not the only industries that Nolek works with. Other industries like military, electronics, food & beverages, connectors and many more, are among other segments that Nolek has delivered leak testing systems to in the past several years.

Products like mobile phones, keg couplers, milk powder cans, quick connectors, prebuild houses, sprinkler hoses and many more are also tested with Nolek leak test systems today.


Other industries include the military, electronics, food & beverages, connectors, and many more.

Components in these industries

In all our projects, Nolek works very close with the customer to find the right soution.

Nolek helps find the leak rates that fulfill the product's specifications, and if needed, Nolek also helps test the setup.

Mobile phones

Keg couplers

Milk powder cans

Quick Connectors

Prebuild houses

Sprinkler hoses

Connectors and Pipes

....and many more products

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