Trace Gas System Service/Calibration

One of the most important things when you have a helium system that needs to have a stabile and safe performance is to ensure that it is serviced regularly. To ensure that the system measures correctly, a calibration of the system is performe. Nolek recommends an annual service and calibration interval of 12 months.

First, Nolek performs a test of the helium system by checking whether it functions as it should or not. Afterwards, service is performed on the system, using the proper spare parts. After the service, a calibration is performed using certified and calibrated measurement equipment. If the system happens to be outside the set tolerance, it will be adjusted, and defect components will be changed before a new calibration is performed to ensure that the tolerance is within its limits.

After the service, the customer will receive a service report and calibration report of the work done.

Nolek can provide you with a service/calibration contract to ensure that your system is always in good shape. Contracts can be made with 3 or 5 years validity. Please contract nolek for further information.

Trace Gas System Service/Calibration

Service and calibration with 1-year interval helps prevent production stop and ensures that the instrument measures correctly.

The most common trace gas to use is Helium and Hydrogen. Nolek produces both types of systems.


Service staff

Educated and trained

Spare parts


Service report

Describes the condition of the system

Calibration report

Calibration data and reference instruments


Annually (recommended)

Calibration instrument

Calibrated externally, with certificate

Contracts service/calibration

3- or 5-year contracts

Features & Benefits

High accuracy

Stable instrument

Ensuring correct measurement

Condition report

Calibration report

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